Augusta Technical College will receive a $1M gift from Jim Hudson Automotive Group to fund new Automotive Technology Facility

by Kimberly Holden

Posted on Apr 07, 2022 at 10:00 AM

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Augusta Technical College will receive a $1M gift from Jim Hudson Automotive Group to fund new Automotive Technology Facility

Augusta, GA - April 7, 2022

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Augusta Technical College is excited to announce that the college will receive a $1M gift from the Jim Hudson Automotive Group to support a new Automotive Technology facility.

Over the past seven months Augusta Technical College has met and worked with local automotive entities regarding the training needs throughout the region. Nested in the Laney Walker Community will be the college's flagship location for extensive automotive training in the areas of electrical/hybrid technology, heavy and light duty diesel, auto body and collusion repair, motorsports technology, and a host of other emerging technologies in the automotive industry. The college also looks to expand into OEM training programs with manufacturers such as Toyota, GM, Honda/Acura, just to name a few. Uniquely, the college looks to bring on new programming that not only teaches the technician level curriculum, but also the business side of running a car dealership to include management of service, parts, sales, and finance departments.

“Cars have always been in my blood and this partnership with Augusta Technical College will allow young men and women the opportunity to be educated and trained in the automotive world. Our company was built on three pillars: our employees, our customers, and the community. My main objective with this donation is to strengthen our community and for us to see a lasting impact on the future,” stated Jim Hudson, Founder of Jim Hudson Automotive Group.

Dr. Jermaine Whirl, President of Augusta Technical College states, "Our plans are to operate a fully simulated automotive dealership. The ability to service cars from residents in the community with full CRM systems, feedback from students with coaching from their faculty, and training professionals in the business of the industry is a forward-thinking approach to training the next generation of automotive professionals. We're also looking to add a number of continuing education ASE certification offerings for incumbent workers too. We're thankful to Mr. Hudson for his contribution in making these plans a reality!"

The donation will be made to the Augusta Technical College Foundation. The generosity of donors, gifts of scholarships and community support have allowed the Augusta Technical College Foundation to meet their mission of providing support, advocating for educational excellence and expanding educational opportunities at Augusta Technical College.

The college has a rich history in automotive training that dates back to the mid 1980s. In 1985 the college's automotive program received the U.S. Secretary of Education’s Award of Excellence with a recognition letter from President Ronald Reagan. The program has produced thousands of graduates since that time, and this investment will ensure others are afforded the same opportunities in the future.

"The Augusta Technical College Foundation is excited and honored to be a part of the restoration story in our community," stated Augusta Technical College Foundation Chairman Randy Hatcher. "Along with our foundational investment partners, the Jim Hudson Foundation, we will be creating a better life for the students who learn here, and a better workforce for the employers who need these
in-demand skills. At the same time, we are reinvesting in a geographic part of our community that needs all of our help. We invite others to come along, and be a part of this exciting, transformational story.”


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L-R: Mr. Randy Hatcher, Augusta Technical College Foundation Chairman; Dr. Jermaine Whirl, Augusta Technical College President; Mr. Jim Hudson, Founder and Owner, Jim Hudson Automotive Group; Mr. Greg Dozier, TCSG Commissioner


About Jim Hudson Automotive Group

Jim Hudson Automotive Group is a collection of dealerships that is dedicated to providing world class sales & service experiences representing 10 different import & domestic manufacturers in Augusta, GA, Columbia, Lexington, and Irmo, SC. Jim Hudson has received many awards, including the Lexus Elite highest honors, the President’s Award highest honors for Toyota and Cadillac-Buick-GMC highest award for Excellence. Automotive News recognized Jim Hudson Automotive Group as one of the top 125 dealership groups in the United States. Jim Hudson's commitment to the community has been demonstrated through acts of kindness in providing numerous cars and trucks to countless families in need, and actively supporting over 115

About Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, is a public postsecondary institution that provides academic and technical education, customized business and industry training, continuing education, student support, economic development, and adult education services to its service area (Burke, Columbia, Lincoln, McDuffie, and Richmond Counties) at a competitive financial value. Associate of Science Degrees, Associate of Applied Science Degrees, diplomas, and technical certificates of credit are provided through traditional and distance delivery methods. For more information, visit

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