Augusta Technical College has a $58 Million Economic Impact in the CSRA

by Kimberly Holden

Posted on Jun 02, 2021 at 12:52 PM

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Augusta Technical College has a $58 Million Economic Impact in the CSRA

Augusta, GA– A study recently conducted by Dr. Greg George, Founder and Director of the Center for Economic Analysis at Middle Georgia State University’s - School of Business, examined the college’s impact on regional economic activity, employment, and household earnings.

Overall, Augusta Technical College generates $58,655,563 of annual economic activity (in the current year), and an estimated $320,609,344 over the next five years after adjusting for inflation. Each year, Augusta Technical College directly employs 399 employees, generating $24,500,000 in direct household earnings and supports an additional 115 jobs in the local economy totaling 514 in total regional jobs impact. Additionally, Augusta Technical College enhances regional household earnings by $32,482,100 because of its presence. Over a five-year timeframe, total household earnings in the region are increased by $169,038,153 because of Augusta Technical College’s operations.

“The college is proud to have a positive economic impact in the CSRA,” stated college president Dr. Jermaine Whirl. “The numbers alone only represent our direct impact on employment and spending activity. We are most proud of our 87% graduate placement rate in-field, and that 94% of our graduates come from the CSRA and 96% stay after graduation. Our graduates are business managers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, information technology experts, public service leaders, and skill trades men and women.  With our new strategic plan in place, we look to exponentially grow our impact throughout the region for years to come.”

We encourage you to read Augusta Technical College’s Economic Impact Study (EIS) located on the college’s website.

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About Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, is a public postsecondary institution that provides academic and technical education, customized business and industry training, continuing education, student support, economic development, and adult education services to its service area (Burke, Columbia, Lincoln, McDuffie, and Richmond Counties) at a competitive financial value. Associate of Science Degrees, Associate of Applied Science Degrees, diplomas, and technical certificates of credit are provided through traditional and distance delivery methods. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact Kimberly Holden, Director of Community Engagement & Public Affairs at Augusta Technical College.

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