Welcome to the New Augusta Technical College Portal

Augusta Technical College updated the SmartWeb student portal in February 2015. SmartWeb is your student information portal and the official method of communication used by the College. If you used the previous portal, you can see that things have changed. First of all, email is now through Gmail, for student and adjuncts, and can be accessed by clicking the  icon to the left. Secondly, Banner Web can be accessed by clicking the Banner WebSSB Bannner icon. For further info on how to use the portal, please continue.   



To log into the portal, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the website https://smartweb.augustatech.edu, or click on the SmartWeb tab on the www.augustatech.edu website. This will bring you to the Augusta Technical College portal page.

(Note: On the login page, there are some helpful links to assist in making logging in an easy process. The first link, 'READ THIS FIRST', is to provide instructions to logging into the portal. The last two links, 'Forgot Password' and 'Reset Password', are to provide a way to reset a password in case it is forgotten.)

  1. Your login name will be your Augusta Technical College credentials.
    1. For full-time faculty & staff members use your work computer username and password.
    2. For adjunct faculty & students use your SmartWeb user name. If this your first time using the new SmartWeb portal, the password will be your Student ID, or 900 number. For example, 900######.
  2. Before you can continue to the new SmartWeb portal you must answer and save the 5 password reset security questions. Every question must be completed and the answers should be at least 3 characters in length. Be sure to remember your answers because they will be needed in case you forget your password. This will happen automatically for first time users only.

  1. Once you are finished, make sure to select the "Save" button on the bottom of the page. Upon completion you will see a "Questions updated successfully" note appear near the top of the page.

  2. From here you can proceed to Step 2 and create a new password by entering and then verifying that new password. Click OK.

  1. To complete your password change, please click the 'SignOut' button and log in with your new password.


How to Use SmartWeb

Once logged into SmartWeb, after initial setup, the following screen will be presented.

To the left of the page, a list of drop-down menus can be found. Some links may not be visible to all users. Some links will be appear according to type of login. For instance, students will only see links that are meant for students or the community as a whole. Details on these links will be discussed later.

In the center of the page, announcements and messages can be found. This is where announcements and messages from the school will appear.

To the right of the page, information on upcoming events at the school can be found.


At the top of the page, more links and access to the Menu and Sign Out can be found. The 'aHome' link navigates back to the home page. The 'Appointments' link will provide a way to make appointments online with faculty and staff (Note: This feature has not been activated yet). The ability to sign up for workshops or seminars given by the school can be accessed here also. The 'Banner Web' link provides an alternate method of access to Banner Web (Note: For Students only). The 'Distance Education' link navigates to the Distance Education page where instructions on how to access online learning can be found. The 'Feedback' link provides a space where suggestions for the site can be made. The 'Library Online Catalog' link provides a drop-down menu to links where you can view what books are available from the school's library. The 'Send Messages' link provides a way for staff and faculty to send messages to students and staff (Note: At this time, this link is only available to some staff members. Permissions to this link will expand). The 'Quick Links' link provides a drop-down menu for quicker access to pages from the main Augusta Technical College website.

The 'Menu' is a drop-menu that provides access to user's 'My Account' page. Here, information such as what community, user group, and role the user belongs to can be found. Also, on the 'My Account' page, users can click on the 'SMS' link, if they would like to have messages go to their phone. The 'Display Settings' link provides a way to change language, time zone, and greeting.

Another feature on the 'My Account' page is the ability to reset passwords and password questions. To do this, click on the respective links on the right.



As mentioned earlier, there is a list of drop-down menus to the left after logging in. The first menu is 'LaunchPad'. Under this menu, access to email, Bosscars, Banner Web, and DegreeWorks can be found. (Note: Only Staff and Full-Time Faculty will see the Outlook Web App icon. Students and Adjuncts will see the Gmail icon. Full-Time Faculty may see both.) For help on how to use Gmail, go to the 'Tutorials' menu. For help on how to use Banner Web to register for class and print schedules, bills, and receipts, continue to the end of this document.


The next drop-down menu, 'Academic Information', provides links to the school's Catalog, Program Advisor List, and Student Handbook.

The drop-down menu, 'Academic Supplements', provides links to sites that can assist in educational studies.

The drop-down menu, 'Campus Maps', provides links to Google Maps of Augusta Technical College campuses.

The 'Distance Education' menu provides direct links to the Distance Education site.

The 'DegreeWorks' menu provides an additional way to access 'DegreeWorks'.

The 'Economic Development' menu provides access to links that could assist in extending your skills and industry preparedness beyond college courses.

The 'Financial Aid' menu provides quick access to Banner Web info for Award Information, Eligibility, and Award Status.

The 'Forms' menu provides quick access to commonly needed student forms.

The 'Registration' menu provides quick access to Banner Web info for Add/Drop Class, Class Lookup, Print Schedule, and more.

The 'Security Awareness Training' menu provides a link for Full-Time Staff to stay fresh on security awareness. (Note: Students and Adjuncts will not see this menu.)

The 'SharePoint' menu provides links to SharePoint sites for various departments within Augusta Technical College. These sites provide a space to share departmental information. (Note: Students will not see this menu.)

The 'Student Records' menu provides quick access to Banner Web info for Academic Transcript, Account Summary, Final Grades, and more.

The 'Tutorials' menu will provide assistance on some of the various functions of SmartWeb. (Note: This menu will grow as different functions are added to the portal.)

Using Banner Web to Register for Class, Print Your Schedule and Bill/Receipt

Register For Classes

  • Log in to the portal, and click the Banner iconSSB Bannner
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Registration
  • Click Add/Drop Classes
  • Verify mailing address and phone number and click Continue with registration
  • Authorize Financial Aid* and select Continue with registration. *Eligible students may authorize their HOPE and/or Pell Award to pay tuition and all applicable fees; if you do not authorize, aid will not pay.
  • Select Term
  • Click Advanced Search to search for classes. By using Advanced search, you can narrow down your choices by subject, course number, and desired location
  • Click Submit
  • Select the class(es) you want by clicking the box next to the subject
  • Click Submit

View or Print Your Schedule 

  • Log in to the portal, and click the Banner iconSSB Bannner
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Registration
  • Click Print Schedule
  • Select the Term
  • Click Submit to view your schedule
  • Right click, and select print to print your schedule


Print Your Bill/Receipt

  • Log in to the portal, and click the Banner icon SSB Bannner
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Financial Aid
  • Click My Award Information
  • Click View Account Detail by Term to view your tuition and fee charges and financial aid (if applicable)
  • Right click, and select print to print your bill/receipt.